Organizing the Paper Blizzard

Yesterday afternoon was spent taking photos of socks, uploading pics, and updating my 1000 Markets shop, and now need to make and add more weaving and socks. The gallery needs more, too, plus an upcoming art show and the Fall Art Tour.

Today, I’ve finally decided I’m long overdue to organize the paper blizzard that seems to have enveloped my life,… business, school, bills, community, church, etc. I’m between weaving and sock deadlines, so this is a good time to tackle this project.

I hate paper, hate dealing with it, probably from years of working in an office and with files. In some areas of my life I’m quite organized, but the rest? It’s past time to bring order to those areas, too. I’ve either reached the age where I don’t remember things as well as I used to, or I’m so focused on one area of my life (fibers) that I’m shutting out too much of the rest, probably both, hence the need to organize. All I know is, I don’t want to leave my kids with a mess.

Yesterday, I updated my calendar, worked on new lists of all I need to do including upcoming commitments and plans for next year, and began putting new systems into place for dealing with paper as it comes in or is created.

Today, file drawers were emptied out, and hanging files and file folders put back in place ready for current paperwork. Purging of paper has begun. A four drawer file is now in the studio and being put to good use. It’s not attractive, but very useful. This project, taken as a whole, feels overwhelming, but a small amount each morning will be very manageable. I’m looking forward to getting this much needed project completed.

What does all this have to do with weaving? My business and weaving files are growing, along with study group newsletters and more. This area of my life is in good shape, and I want it to stay that way.

Oh yes, I stopped at a new (to me) thrift store today and brought home two sheets. My oldest daughter is moving away for two more years of college and has requested a rug with blues in it. Today I found a navy blue sheet along with a blue floral. I need to choose more sheets from my stash for her rug and get it woven, then when I go downstate to the WI Sheep & Wool Festival, I can drop it off to her. I’ve earned a break from paper, it’s time to go cut and sew strips!

2 thoughts on “Organizing the Paper Blizzard”

  1. Congrats on taming the paper blizzard!! I struggle with that too – even as I try to be paperless when possible.Earlier in the summer, I used an idea from that organizer Julie Morgenstern to do 15 minutes a day processing incoming paper – and if needed, 15 minutes on processing paper that has piled up. That works really well for me, except in times of vacation or conferences when paper piles up.You made a ton of progress in one day. Maybe I should try a daylong blitz at some point! But not right now!!!Sue

  2. I knew I could find other artists battling the paper mess. Today I am spending 3 hours on my upstairs studio. Keeping only things I currently use for oils, storing other mediums, and tossing out those items I thought looked useful but havent used them yet.So as to not wear myself out I am moving out what I dont need. My question to the group is how do I get past those moments of meloncholy or indecision that occur when I pick up an unfinished work and debate whether I should donate it, rework an area, or toss it? The work is on birch panel so it is not like tossing out a sheet of watercolor paper.Just give me a quick and fast rule and I will apply it.

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