Shuttle Works Studio, currently closed for 2020 due to pandemic and desire for mutual safety.
Shuttle Works Studio, currently closed for 2020 due to pandemic and desire for mutual safety.


I am primarily a handweaver, but also indigo dye, spin, felt, and other fiber arts.  I hope you will explore the page tabs above, along with my blog where I write about my weaving and other studio work.

We are now in the beginning of a pandemic.  My family and I began self-isolation in mid-March with no end currently in sight due to age and health.  As a result, our studios and family gallery are currently closed to visitors until I post of an opening date, whether later this year or next year.  This is for everyone’s mutual safety.  Unless there are changes and we feel safe, we will not be participating in the Northwoods Art Tour this year.  We are not happy about this, no one is, but we have to consider risk.  Please check back for updates.

Meanwhile, creative work and learning are getting back on track, and I hope to add a Shop page where we will have work available and for sale.

I will be continuing woven shibori/indigo-dyed scarves/cowls, and will begin expanding into other wearables.  Weaving Norwegian and Scandinavian inspired works for the home is in my plans this year.  Early this year I ventured into another area of weaving,… tapestry.  It is always good to learn new things.  I hope to return to making wool socks on my antique sock machine by late summer.  Plans for offering beginning weaving and spinning classes are on hold at present.

In addition to my weaving studio space,  there is a small gallery space I share with my daughter Sarah (Celtic Wolf Studio) who makes wire and stone jewelry, and my daughter-in-law Char (Heirloom Custom Wood Designs) who does woodworking, sign-making, and more.  All three studios are on the premises, and are under the name Apple Tree Studios, named for the large apple trees in our backyard.

I have been seeing many cancellations of various arts and fiber arts events today, a number of them here in Wisconsin.  Northwoods Art Tour members are currently considering whether the July 26-28, and Oct. 11-13 tours will be take place.  When decisions are made I will post an update on that.

Artist Statement:  As a handweaver, my goal is to convey a sense of simplicity and elegance in my work. Using natural fibers, each warp is an opportunity to explore the elements of color, design, structure, texture, and technique, from simple to complex.



Studio Life of a Weaver, Spinner, Dyer