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On Dec. 26th, I received an email from Hand/Eye Magazine, asking if I would be interested in submitting a piece and photos for publication, on January 4th.  After initially feeling stunned, I replied Yes, I was interested.  Dec. 30-31 was spent writing and revising text, multiple times, and locating photos.  It was all sent on January 1st (deadline was Jan. 2nd), and was published in the online magazine on January 4th.  You can read it at http://handeyemagazone.com.  Look for “Weaving Mysteries.”

Eagle River Gallery applied to, and was accepted, on the 2018 Northwoods Art Tour.  The dates are July 27-28-29, and October 5-6-7, 10 AM to 5 PM each day.  Gallery artists will be present each day providing demonstrations of their arts.  Stop by to talk with the artists and see their work!

MAY 2018

I am getting back to my weaving, working on more woven shibori and just to make things interesting, will also be getting back to Scandinavian style weaving, also.

I have closed my Big Cartel online shop, and hope to be adding e-commerce to this website in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, if you see a new work you are interested in, please email me for availability and price.

Due to a  very busy summer ahead, more than I’d anticipated, I have cancelled my Open Studio dates.  However, if you would like to visit the studio, please email or call, in advance, to arrange a date and time.

I will be at Eagle River Gallery during the Northwoods Art Tour dates providing demonstrations along with the other gallery artists.

Studio Life of a Weaver, Spinner, Dyer

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