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Closing Toes on Sock Orders

Today was another cranky day, on the sock machine, that is. This evening, I’ve been closing toes and washing completed socks. Now, later this evening, I am closing toes on three socks made at the demo this past Friday evening. I am not entirely happy with one pair, which were requested to be made in red and black. Since I work with three colors at once, she added navy. In the finished socks, the red and navy dominate, the black recedes. So, tomorrow morning I’ll be trying another pair, and hopefully have another cone of black yarn; she’ll then have her choice. There should be a pic or two of the finished socks in a couple days. We’re not using our woodburning kitchen range yet, which helps the socks dry quickly, so drying time will take an
extra day.

I’ve been estimating how many pairs of socks I’ll need to have completed for next summer, and it boggles the mind!

Sock Orders to Fill

I feel as if I’ve spent a good part of my summer cranking socks, having made over 100 pairs, and selling 80 pairs so far. I had so been looking forward to getting back to my loom, after Art In The Yard. There is a warp to finish weaving, and many more to be made and woven. However, there has been a slight delay,…

Yesterday and today, I am cranking socks to fill the orders from Art In The Yard. Two more pairs to do today, close the toes, wash and hang to air dry, then finish and tag. This photo is a sock in progress on the 1908 Gearhart.

Art in the Yard

Art in the Yard was held yesterday, an annual art sale by members of the Art Gypsies, loosely comprised of a few members from the cooperative gallery I am part of, and a couple other area artists.

It was an overcast sometimes drizzly autumn day in the northwoods of WI, but attendance was good. Tents were up, art and artists were there, coffee and treats were available, and a small bonfire was kept burning throughout the day.

There was quite a bit of interest in the 1908 Gearhart sock machine that I was demonstrating on. I was pleased that of the twenty-eight pairs of socks I had there, sixteen pairs sold. I came home with orders for four more pairs of socks when people liked a particular pair, but needed a different size than what I had available yesterday.

Most people have never seen an antique circular sock knitting machine before and are fascinated with seeing one in use. I had a very enjoyable day sharing my interest, explaining how the socks are made, and answering questions. Before the day was over I was asked to do another demo at the Three Lakes Center of the Arts at their last Open House of the season. The best part of the day was people’s enjoyment of my work and the colors I use, and seeing my socks going off to keep people warm during the coming winter.