Life Changes

Changes are taking place in the life of my family. My oldest daughter is about to start at MATC in Madison, so we were busy packing, shopping, moving, and I was in Madison again for the second time this month. My two teens have been working jobs all summer, preparing for and taking drivers license tests and buying a car. All this meant my studio time was being seriously challenged! Things are settling down now, and when school starts I will have more time available for my weaving than I have had in 22 years. I am almost retired as family chauffer.

When I returned home from Madison, I was making the “Mom” adjustment of my oldest daughter living away from home, feeling very proud of her and all she has done, but still feeling a bit sad and missing her. Yesterday she wrote she had been wakened in the morning by a tapping on the roof, and a minute later, a big crow looked in down through the skylight. Well, laughing and picturing it, I perked right up and got back to work in my studio.

On the drive home I stopped at Barnes & Noble and added “A Year in Provence” to our home DVD library, and enjoyed watching it over two evenings, and trying to see how much French I could understand. Now, I’ll be able to listen to it while working.

While I returned home from Madison, I found a package waiting for me. What in the world? I hadn’t ordered anything. AAaahhh,… it was from LaVonne Stucky, Serenity Sheep Farm, MT. Opening it, I found this wonderful little loom with “Welcome” woven in. LaVonne had found it at a garage sale, and thought it might be a nice addition to my studio.

The little loom now sits on the table with my business cards and brochures. LaVonne and I know each other from the “Take Peace,” (Tasha Tudor) yahoo group. Thank you, LaVonne, for thinking of me, you are a wonderful friend!

Knowing I should focus on one area, I am instead busy working on three things, cutting & sewing more colors/strips for the rugs, making socks, and tinkering with the drawloom. Tomorrow I work at Artistree for four hours and will see what has been happening there. They are asking for demonstrations on Friday, Sept. 25th, for Colorama Weekend, so will volunteer a sock machine demo if needed.

It feels so good to be back in my weaving studio, and now, back to my cutting table.

2 thoughts on “Life Changes”

  1. Jan, The little loom is just how I imagined it on your table! Not bad for a buck, huh? I love to send random acts of kindness in the mail as surprises! And it's even better when the timing is such that a kindred spirit needs hers own spirits lifted! Take Joy!LaVonne

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