That Restless Feeling…

I should be in bed, asleep, but I’m feeling a bit restless tonight, so I’ve been doing a little studio cleanup. I have a cart that holds various pieces of weaving and spinning equipment that had gotten rather cluttered and dusty, so other items were put back where they belong (those drawers need cleaning out, too!), and it’s ready to use again. Shuttles organized, bobbins in baskets, a crock with threading hooks and other small tools, the long metal pins for the loom jacks, bobbin and ball winders, tapestry combs, tension box, wool combs and carders, all back in their places.

The notebooks of Complex Weavers Journals, Double Harness Study Group newsletters, books, and magazines, are all being re-filed. I’m trying to keep the remaining small pieces of the opphamta attachment together, as there are other baggies in drawers of bolts, screws, etc., and I have no clue what they go to. While cleaning those drawers out, things will be re-bagged and labeled, at least those that I am sure of. If I don’t know, what would my kids make of all this?

A week or two ago my son brought a table and legs upstairs, at my request, and we could not find the bolts for it anywhere, so back to the basement it went. Today, I found them in the back of a drawer (I had looked in it, just not deep enough), so that will finally be set up again and be used as my sewing table. It won’t be a fancy sewing/cutting area, as seen in the studio decorating magazines, but it will be serviceable which is what is needed right now. I’ll work on the decorating later, but only so much can be done with logs! I’m thinking handwoven valances and a long “rag” runner laying across the washer and dryer would be nice, and of course, rag rugs on the floor.

A few weeks ago, while in Minocqua, I stopped by an antique shop, just to browse around, not looking for anything in particular. Turning a corner, my eyes stopped on a pair of vintage white wool socks, handspun, handknit socks. They had been worn, washed, and what can I say, I had to give them a home. Right now, this plain, simple, functional pair of socks is hanging on a wall in my studio where I can admire them, and their maker, daily. Perhaps someday, someone will find and appreciate the work of my hands.

My bag is packed for tomorrow, socks needing toes closed (with needles and scissors), three issues of Weavers magazine with articles on drawloom weaving, my copy of “Damask and Opphamta,” and my copy of “The Crafts Report” that arrived in my mailbox today. All that and a couple of shops should keep me busy for the several hours I’ll be away. There is nothing like time on your hands in which to plot the next projects/warps.

One thought on “That Restless Feeling…”

  1. A clean and orderly studio is nice! (Not that I would actually know….but I try!)Love how those socks look against the wooden wall!! They’re great together!Will be interested to see the results of your plotting today!Sue

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