Making Lemonade

Today was to be devoted to family, and over half was, then someone else changed plans without letting us know so most of the afternoon was wasted waiting for someone who wasn’t coming. So, time to turn those lemons into lemonade.

After returning home, I rearranged the looms again as I’d decided I didn’t like the new setup. The room felt too crowded with the drawloom sticking out into it, so now the looms are in a variation of the old way, with the addition of the rug loom.

The warping mill is set up, I’m adding my guide string now, and took time out to order the two needed reeds. Yes, I know I wrote awhile back that they were being ordered, but right about then my son lost his retainers, and $300 later, the reeds had to wait. No longer! Two reeds were ordered late this afternoon, both 12 dent, stainless steel, 42″ long and 4″ high. They will be shipped on Monday.

My looms are Glimakra, with horizontal jacks, so there is Texsolv cord running down the center of the loom from the upper jacks, down past the shafts to the two sets of lamms. As a result, all of my warps are made in two halves, which is better for warping as there is less angle when winding the warp onto the back beam.

Other news today,… I stopped by the art gallery at Nicolet Area Technical College which was in-between exhibits. I had missed an exhibit which included woven rugs by just a few days, but did get to wander around the upcoming student art exhibit which is not yet hung. The director was busy framing everything. We did chat, and she said if I would like to bring work out for her to look at for a possible exhibit, that would be fine. I’m thinking perhaps in a couple years some pieces from the drawloom? Meanwhile, she is working on their new brochure, and if I would like to have my info in it I can send it along to her, there may be room yet.

Now, back to the warping mill. I’ll be back tomorrow with a photo or two and details.

2 thoughts on “Making Lemonade”

  1. I’m in the mood to rearrange my looms too. I’ve started broaching the subject with my very supportive hubby….but I think he wants to wait a bit – in case I change my mind back.Very cool that you might get to exhibit work at a new venue!!! Exciting stuff!Sue

  2. Yes, that possibility is exciting and will definitely keep me working toward my goals. A possible exhibit there will definitely be added to the list.As far as moving looms, think it over carefully. I thought I had, and did like it at first, but it cut into my open space, so tonight as I work on this warp, I’m enjoying having space to move around in. Changing warp colors every eight threads slows a person down, but it will be useful in the end. Back to work!

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