Unexpected Challenges

My thanks to those of you who have visited Shuttle Works Studio blog, and/or left comments. Sometimes an unexpected challenge comes up in life, as one did this week, and creative work must be set aside temporarily. This week was one of those times for me while taking care of a family member. I will be back posting again very soon. Thinking of you all,…

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Challenges”

  1. Hope everything goes well for you and your family and your back at the loom enjoying a weaving project. Family always comes first. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Terrie, I’m hoping to be back at the loom on Sunday, meanwhile I’m closing toes on socks (it’s a portable project, as well as good for late nights in a chair with a movie on). Tomorrow I’ll be waiting about five hours while my daughter takes the ACT test so packing my bag to make good use of that time, too.Now, she has asked for help in making a simple quilt, so that project may make an appearance on here, over time, as well. We’re going to start looking through my tons of fabric this evening. A good part of today was devoted to paper,… mailing it, sorting it, filing it. The paper blizzard seems never-ending, and another ton arrived in the mail today.I can’t wait to get back to my weaving.

  3. Glad to hear that you will probably be back to the loom soon. (And I’ll be wishing your test-taking daughter good luck tomorrow…..I can’t believe how long those tests take!)Oooh – a quilt! That will be fun to see!!Hope things are going OK and that you can get back to your creative pursuits as you hope!Sue

  4. I’m back in the studio, and in another 24 hours or so I should be back at the loom. It was good, tonight, to get some other smaller jobs done here. It’s amazing how the clutter can take over.

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