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The War Within

Sometimes, I wonder how many other weavers are at war with themselves, have internal conflict, particularly those who weave or do creative work to sell.

Weaving began for me with fascination with looms and the processes of weaving, and my passion for weaving has grown over the past 28 years. However, the reasons for what I weave have changed over the years.

My weaving and sock cranking have now become a business. It’s that time of year again, when I am working hard to create more weaving (and socks) that will be for sale over the next several months. I have commitments, deadlines, and yet I continue to be drawn to the areas of weaving I wish to pursue.

I do enjoy what I make to sell, the batik runners, cottolin towels and table runners, working with color, and don’t think I could sit and weave endlessly things I didn’t enjoy making.

But, there is also a part of me that wants to pursue the areas of weaving that I want to learn far more about, specifically, drawloom/damask, and weaving with finer threads, areas I want to pursue because that is where my personal interest lies.

Hence, the “war” within myself, and what I “want” vs. “need” to do. Right now, it’s more of a balancing act, with the scale tipping away from “want” for awhile, to what I “need” to do for this time of year, and commitments made. Time is the issue.

I do enjoy weaving for the home. My rustic, log home and studio are a bit unique, cozy, and made all the better with the addition of handwoven and handcrafted items, whether weaving, quilting, stitchery, or other forms of handwork. I enjoy creating works that will enhance homes, bring a sense of warmth and quality so often missing today.

My goal is to reach a point where the two parts of my weaving life can merge, that there will be a market for the kind of weaving I love doing, and that is what I will be working toward. Yes, it will be even more time intensive, but I want to try. While I work on getting the drawlooms ready to weave on, I continue working with color, structure, design, and bringing the two sides of my weaving life closer to where I wish to go with my weaving.