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Working in the Outdoor Studio

I’ve been seeing a hummingbird visiting the fuchsia frequently so thought I’d get a few photos of the blooms before they fade. While taking these pics, to my amazement, I was buzzed all the way around by the hummer! Ah,… I’m wearing a bright red shirt working out here today!

The blooms are just amazing!

My dwarf apple tree has a few apples on it this year. I don’t recall the variety, but it is one bred to survive the subzero temps of Zone 4. I’ve yet to eat an apple off this tree, the kids always got to them first. They like green apples so they were eaten before I considered them ripe. This year, they were “warned” to leave the apples alone! I’m hoping there will be enough for an Apple Pie or a pan of Apple Crisp.

While out on the porch this afternoon, I thought I’d get some wool soaking. Oh No! I’d forgotten everything on my “outdoor studio,” (lakeside porch, just outside my weaving studio door) was covered with tree pollen. Then thinking about the predictions for rain, decided I’d clean-up today and wash wool tomorrow. After wiping down the plastic sheeting on the table, and washing some of my enamel pots (canners) and enamel basins, the sun was peaking out, so decided I’d set wool to soak in two pots, a manageable amount as it was late afternoon.

Nicely crimped wool, possibly Romney, from Humble Hills Farm (McMurray).

Drying racks are set up and standing by.

It’s been a multi-tasking afternoon. A little photography, threading a loom, cleaning up part of the porch and washing wool, several sheets washed, dried, and waiting to be “sliced & diced” for a rug, and updating my blog.

Right now, back to the outdoor studio to rinse wool and lay it out to dry.