Working in the Outdoor Studio

I’ve been seeing a hummingbird visiting the fuchsia frequently so thought I’d get a few photos of the blooms before they fade. While taking these pics, to my amazement, I was buzzed all the way around by the hummer! Ah,… I’m wearing a bright red shirt working out here today!

The blooms are just amazing!

My dwarf apple tree has a few apples on it this year. I don’t recall the variety, but it is one bred to survive the subzero temps of Zone 4. I’ve yet to eat an apple off this tree, the kids always got to them first. They like green apples so they were eaten before I considered them ripe. This year, they were “warned” to leave the apples alone! I’m hoping there will be enough for an Apple Pie or a pan of Apple Crisp.

While out on the porch this afternoon, I thought I’d get some wool soaking. Oh No! I’d forgotten everything on my “outdoor studio,” (lakeside porch, just outside my weaving studio door) was covered with tree pollen. Then thinking about the predictions for rain, decided I’d clean-up today and wash wool tomorrow. After wiping down the plastic sheeting on the table, and washing some of my enamel pots (canners) and enamel basins, the sun was peaking out, so decided I’d set wool to soak in two pots, a manageable amount as it was late afternoon.

Nicely crimped wool, possibly Romney, from Humble Hills Farm (McMurray).

Drying racks are set up and standing by.

It’s been a multi-tasking afternoon. A little photography, threading a loom, cleaning up part of the porch and washing wool, several sheets washed, dried, and waiting to be “sliced & diced” for a rug, and updating my blog.

Right now, back to the outdoor studio to rinse wool and lay it out to dry.

9 thoughts on “Working in the Outdoor Studio”

  1. Aren't hummingbirds fascinating? We have a fuschia off our patio and we frequently see a hummingbird feeding off of that and our hummingbird feeder. Just getting a brief glimpse of them is a neat part of the day!

  2. Like minds I guess……I, too, worked with some fleece this past week, but I was dyeing mine, trying a different brand of dye, then when dry, used the drum carder on it, ending up with roving.So far I have managed to get more fiber work going on a daily basis, the dyeing, carding, and working on my sock machine. I am no where near as good as you are with multitasking though. :)When I lived in Michigan, I also had hummingbirds at the cabin. I loved watching them as well. I was not prepared for seeing them actually land on a branch and sit for awhile…….it took me quite by surprise! I don't know why I thought they didn't need to take breaks and rest, too. 🙂

  3. I saw a hummingbird first thing this AM at the fuschia. The day I took the photos, after buzzing around me, he went over to some daylilies, then sat on the wire fence for a couple minutes. I was too far away for that photo.Mike, I've seen hummers sit many times on tree branches, fences, and I have a new feeder with two "rings" around that they can perch on while feeding. I must get that feeder hung out on the porch, perhaps I could get a photo of one of the hummingbirds sitting on it. I normally don't like to multi-task like that, but that day, things like the wool soaking, working on dial-up, all take so long, I might as well be doing other jobs in-between.My drying racks are sawhorses, built by my late husband, higher than usual, and simple wood frames made from scrap wood with fiberglass screening. Our humidity has been so high since I washed the wool it still feels almost as wet as when I did the wash and rinsing! Hoping the humidity breaks soon so the wool will dry and I can get the next fleece washed and drying. Setting up for some carding and spinning this coming winter.

  4. Thanks for the info on where I can find Swedish cottolin!! Love that yarn!Your fuchsias are beautiful. We often have that same variety on our porch in the summer. Your photos make me wish I'd done that again this year.Sue

  5. What a lovely day all the way around – flowers, a hummingbird, apples, some wool to wash, some work on a loom and all outside where it is so pretty. Thank you for sharing this with us office-jockeys.

  6. Jan, that is one gorgeous fleece. Humble Hills fleeces are absolutely wonderful! I bought a couple a long time ago and still have a bit of washed fiber left. -Catherine

  7. Aren't Humble Hills fleeces great?I've gotten two or three so far, they are beautiful, clean, and wash and card up beautifully. I so want to spin right now, but work on the drawloom and the house must come first. If I get the carding done now, I'll be able to just sit and spin it up. Nothing in particular in mind yet for it, the right use and pattern will come along.

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