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Life’s Little Interruptions

No, I didn’t forget about my blog!  I had family visiting here for five days, took a couple days to just chill, and then my annual infection in a tooth enjoying a slow death decided this was the time to complicate life.  I’m halfway through the antibiotic, have been able to cut back on number of Ibuprophin I’m taking, and finally gotten back to working with fibers again.

Handspun from Coopworth roving.

Three or four years ago, I brought home two large bags of Coopworth roving from the WI Sheep & Wool Festival, one bag of this beautiful natural brown roving, the other, white.  An invite to participate in the first annual Spinzilla arrived, but a realistic look at my schedule and a couple commitments clearly showed I could not take an entire week in October and do nothing but spin 24/7.  Hopefully next year, I must remember to mark that on my calendar.

So while enduring a fair amount of pain over the past five days, I decided to do a little spinning when Ibuprophin had taken the edge off things.  I am spinning this on my double treadle folding Lendrum wheel, and now have two full bobbins.  I really dislike tiny little skeins of yarn, and am now waiting for the plying head kit for this wheel to arrive from The Woolery, along with a new drive band (original band is now about 7 years old).  As soon as it arrives I’ll ply the two together, and then I can spin up more, hoping for enough for a sweater. 

I am currently working on more woven shibori scarves, the next blog post will have photos of the new scarves.

Small Red-Tail Hawk, during its exam, upon arrival at Wild Instincts.

My most recent wildlife run for Wild Instincts was to transport an injured Red-Tail Hawk.  It was examined, given subcutaneous fluids, tube fed, then ate a small fish on its own after being settled into a recovery area.  Tags on it showed it is part of a study from the Chicago O’Hare Airport area.  Hoping for recovery and release.

Now, back to my loom, it’s nearly Oct. 5th and I am not finished! 

Lake Country Weavers

The Lake Country Weavers had their biennial Sale & Demonstration this past Saturday, October 2nd, held at the UCC Church in Eagle River, WI, during Cranberry Fest weekend.  I managed to snap some photos before the first shuttle bus arrived.  Members had their work for sale and various fiber arts were demonstrated.

Carol Stone, of Presque Isle, WI, weaving on a 4 shaft table loom.

Vicki Reuling, of Three Lakes, WI, demonstrating on a rigid heddle loom.

Navajo weaving demonstration.

Mary Jackl, of Phelps, WI, spent the day spinning.
The church pews were completely covered with Mary Jackl’s rag rugs.
More of Mary Jackl’s rag rugs.

Mary Jackl, What-a-View Farm, Phelps, WI, is a very productive rag rug weaver, having over 300 of her rugs for sale at her home studio/shop.  She also spins beautiful beaded yarns and makes felted hats.

Cassandra Nass preparing for a needle-felting demonstration.

Cassandra and Norm Nass, of Land O’Lakes, WI, raise angora goats.  Cassandra’s specializes in spinning and needle-felting.  Her needle-felted sheep are very popular.

Ellie Lapp, of Land O’Lakes, WI, does beautiful rug-hooking.

Ellie brought a display of her work.

Janice Zindel, Shuttle Works Studio, at the 1908 Gearhart sock machine.

I was demo’ing the sock machine, but was so intent on getting photographs of the other guild members, I never got a photo of my setup.  This is a sock machine demo from last September.  A lot of people did enjoy watching the sock machine and asking questions.  It was a very enjoyable day!  

Missing Bits

You know how pairs of socks go into the wash and come out as singles? Socks go missing, never to be seen again? I occasionally have the same problem with little bits of things disappearing in my studio. A couple years ago, the top wood knob on my Glimakra swift disappeared. I turned that room inside out and never did find it.

This time it was the thread guide on my Lendrum double-treadle folding spinning wheel, mysteriously gone. I’d arrived at the gallery a few days ago, wheel in tow, sat down to spin, and something just wasn’t working right. Now I have to tell you, I’ve done almost no spinning on this wheel in a couple years, and my other wheel has the usual hooks for thread guides. I was busy with kids and moms coming in to see the children’s art exhibit so wouldn’t have been able to spin much anyway.

Back at home, it finally dawned on me, the thread guide was missing. I didn’t find it in the car or driveway, perhaps it fell off in the parking lot? What to do?

I looked online, you can buy various flyers and carrying bags for this wheel, but no one listed a thread guide. Aha! I bought the wheel at a WI Spin-In four years ago from Susan’s Fiber Shop in Columbus, WI. I called and yes, she had ONE left which arrived a couple days later. I’m all set now, have wheel (and thread guide), can spin!

Oh, if anyone has seen my large pair of everyday scissors, the ones with the orange handles, will you let me know?