Missing Bits

You know how pairs of socks go into the wash and come out as singles? Socks go missing, never to be seen again? I occasionally have the same problem with little bits of things disappearing in my studio. A couple years ago, the top wood knob on my Glimakra swift disappeared. I turned that room inside out and never did find it.

This time it was the thread guide on my Lendrum double-treadle folding spinning wheel, mysteriously gone. I’d arrived at the gallery a few days ago, wheel in tow, sat down to spin, and something just wasn’t working right. Now I have to tell you, I’ve done almost no spinning on this wheel in a couple years, and my other wheel has the usual hooks for thread guides. I was busy with kids and moms coming in to see the children’s art exhibit so wouldn’t have been able to spin much anyway.

Back at home, it finally dawned on me, the thread guide was missing. I didn’t find it in the car or driveway, perhaps it fell off in the parking lot? What to do?

I looked online, you can buy various flyers and carrying bags for this wheel, but no one listed a thread guide. Aha! I bought the wheel at a WI Spin-In four years ago from Susan’s Fiber Shop in Columbus, WI. I called and yes, she had ONE left which arrived a couple days later. I’m all set now, have wheel (and thread guide), can spin!

Oh, if anyone has seen my large pair of everyday scissors, the ones with the orange handles, will you let me know?

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