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One Step Closer

I am smiling in WI today! A woodworker arranged to drop by today to look at my Glimakra CM loom and the opphamta attachment that I need trimmed down to fit my loom. My loom is 48″ and the opphamta attachment is for a 54″ loom. Yes, I bought it knowing full well it would need to be made to fit. I had been looking for one for a long time, this was the first one that crossed my path and I bought it.

I expect the pattern shafts and long metal rods will need trimming, too, but that won’t happen until these first pieces fit. Everything in good time, one step at a time. I’ve waited four years for this, and will likely wait longer, I have weaving to finish up and an order to take care of before I can even think of assembling the rest of it. It’s just very nice knowing I’m a little closer to making it a reality.

As of last night, I have 1,400 more long-eye heddles made, and 300 more cut and ready to be tied; these are for the opphamta attachment ground shafts. 300 more to reach 2,000. Then I will begin on the pattern heddles.

Now, the Damask Weavers Newsletter arrived in my Inbox so I need to read that. Then I need to re-sley my reed (we had to remove the beater to try the top part of the opphata attachment on the loom) and lash the warp back on. I may wait a couple days as I don’t want to have to cut a partly woven piece off when he returns and wants to see if the pieces will fit. There is sock-cranking to do, a drawcord warp to be made, a rug loom waiting for me, one or two other looms that need warps, a spinning wheel that has been sadly neglected, and I’m itching to do some felting. So, stay with my priorities? Or take a day to play?