One Step Closer

I am smiling in WI today! A woodworker arranged to drop by today to look at my Glimakra CM loom and the opphamta attachment that I need trimmed down to fit my loom. My loom is 48″ and the opphamta attachment is for a 54″ loom. Yes, I bought it knowing full well it would need to be made to fit. I had been looking for one for a long time, this was the first one that crossed my path and I bought it.

I expect the pattern shafts and long metal rods will need trimming, too, but that won’t happen until these first pieces fit. Everything in good time, one step at a time. I’ve waited four years for this, and will likely wait longer, I have weaving to finish up and an order to take care of before I can even think of assembling the rest of it. It’s just very nice knowing I’m a little closer to making it a reality.

As of last night, I have 1,400 more long-eye heddles made, and 300 more cut and ready to be tied; these are for the opphamta attachment ground shafts. 300 more to reach 2,000. Then I will begin on the pattern heddles.

Now, the Damask Weavers Newsletter arrived in my Inbox so I need to read that. Then I need to re-sley my reed (we had to remove the beater to try the top part of the opphata attachment on the loom) and lash the warp back on. I may wait a couple days as I don’t want to have to cut a partly woven piece off when he returns and wants to see if the pieces will fit. There is sock-cranking to do, a drawcord warp to be made, a rug loom waiting for me, one or two other looms that need warps, a spinning wheel that has been sadly neglected, and I’m itching to do some felting. So, stay with my priorities? Or take a day to play?

2 thoughts on “One Step Closer”

  1. Oh – exciting! Glad you found some one to do parts of the work that you need. Once a project has momentum, it makes it easier to keep it going!Hmmmm…..more work or more play….I say either play in a big way (go somewhere special, or do something fun that takes a long time) or do a mixture – work a bit to keep momentum going, and then play!!! I guess I’m emphasizing play – perhaps that’s what I need!Either way, I look forward to learning more about your process through adding onto your loom!SuePS: Oh – was that a rhetorical question?

  2. No, no rhetoricals tonight! I am plotting a trip to Wausau tomorrow or Wednesday. I am desperately in need of a few hous away, and a couple hours in a Barnes & Noble. Also, to pick up a copy of the new "Where Women Create" magazine. The studios look more like stage sets, not like any kind of art actually gets done in them, but inspiring all the same. Hope it's nice, sunny, and I can drive with the sunroof open,… Spring!My youngest daughter wants to make a quilt for her boyfriend, so this evening we are starting to plan the quilt. A little time off from the loom. I did wash a few logs, though, so something was getting done on the list. Will settle down later with the assembly instructions for the oppphamta attachment.

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