It Couldn’t Be!

Oh, No,... an error,...
Oh, No,… an ERROR,…

I couldn’t believe my eyes this morning.  It just couldn’t be! I was about 45″ into a scarf, I’d stopped to take a photo of the underside of the weaving when I noticed a problem,… about 14″+ back.

Easier to see from this angle.
Easier to see from this angle.

Do you see it?  It’s more visible from this angle.  I’d been weaving 4 plain weave rows between each pattern row, and didn’t notice the one time I wove 6 rows.

My choices were ignore it and hope it wouldn’t be noticeable after dyeing,… I believe it will be visible as slightly wider indigo blue areas across the width; or cut and remove 14″+ of weft and re-weave,… which might give me tension problems the rest of the warp.  And most important, I don’t weave and sell work that I know has an error.  Certainly, I fix errors that can be repaired and continue weaving, but with this piece, that was no longer an option.  So the next best thing is use it for something else, and begin anew.

So, I ended that piece, 45″ or so long, too short for a scarf, but will be useful to create smaller items.

New scarf, with wider plain weave areas.
New scarf, with wider plain weave areas.

A new scarf was begun, hemstitched on the loom, and is being woven with 12 rows of tabby between pattern rows. I want to see how much difference there will be between the two pieces after they are dyed.  All good things to note and take photos of for future reference.

It’s after midnight, now July 3rd, and I think I’m going to go down and weave for a bit.  There may be warp left after this scarf, and I plan to be indigo dyeing on Saturday and letting the pieces air-dry. On Sunday morning, I’ll wash them, rinse numerous times, air-dry, press, and twist fringe.  Hoping for photos on Monday.

I’m also deciding whether to re-warp and use the same threading and tie-up, or change weave structure.  In my spare time this weekend I hope to get the next warp made.

I’m enjoying woven shibori, figuring out what choices I have, what I can try to control, and continuing to try variations.  The ideas keep coming!

I’m now counting down the day before the Northwoods Art Tour, July 24-25-26, and all I need to accomplish before then.  I’ve made a detailed list that includes a daily list to keep me on track.  Funny how deadlines always seem so far away, and suddenly they are so close!  So much to do, and I want to enjoy it all!

2 thoughts on “It Couldn’t Be!”

  1. Why, oh why, are “variations” only visible after several inches of weaving?! My husband usually says that I’m the only one who would notice, but the fact that I know it’s there nags at me. So I either unweave or I start over. I hope you fine a serendipitous revisioning for your warp and that your dye baths prove successful this weekend.

  2. The length with the error will be turned into smaller items. Another scarf is woven, and I’m a foot or so into another, hoping there is enough warp for a 72″ scarf + fringe (and shrinkage). Hoping to put them in the indigo dye vat later tomorrow afternoon or evening. I’m a day behind, but happy to be getting this much done. Planning the next warp now, and there is now a very long list of things to get done before the art tour. It will be a challenge!

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