Slow Progress

Three scarves+ off the loom.
Three scarves+ off the loom.

I finally finished weaving off the Monk’s Belt (4 shaft) threading warp yesterday.  It was a 15 yard warp, and three scarves had previously been removed.  This time it was 7 yards, 6 inches actual weaving (scarf width) with unwoven area for fringe on each end of each scarf. Each was treadled differently.

Now ready-to-dye!
Now ready-to-dye!

I spent most of today, gathering and tying the three scarves, plus another piece that will be used for smaller items.

Next is dyeing with indigo, finishing, and twisting fringe.  I need to get another warp made and beamed and more scarves woven for the art tour, some sewing done, and a long list of practical things (wash windows, weeding, etc.).

The days are flying by.  I realized while walking today, that in just a few weeks we will be well into autumn and leaves turning color!  How can summer be going by so quickly?

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