Sea Change

Sea change – a radical change or transformation.

After three+ years of living alone, a change is coming in just a few hours.  My 26 year old daughter and her partner are moving in with me. After visits and a lot of discussion, we came to the conclusion that this change would be of benefit to all of us, in a variety of ways.

As you know, I am a weaver, spinner, felter, and CSM sock-cranker. Sarah wants to develop her interest in making jewelry, and Char loves working with and making things from wood.   We are now the “Northwoods Artisan Women,” and our experiences living and working together will be found at

“Heirloom Custom Wood Design” at is Char’s new website and blog.  We are looking forward to an occasional collaborative project of wood and weaving!

“Celtic Wolf Studio” at is Sarah’s website and blog.  She is excited about working on her jewelry designs!

Having decided I need to separate my weaving and fiber arts posts from family, home, critters and so on, I set up “My Northwoods Home” blog at  I expect there will be a bit of overlap but for the most part I plan to keep topics separate.

I have a lot of weaving to do, and have received several sock orders which I need to do right away as many are Christmas gifts.  And, I now have a small area in my garage for dyeing, which I am very happy about.  Photos will be posted here soon.

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