Wool Socks & First Snow

I’m busy working on socks orders, seven orders to do yet for a total of seventeen pairs of socks, plus Artistree Gallery, and the on-line shop. Whew!

Jewel tones had been requested for one order, shown here. I noticed these three colors sitting together on a loom bench and thought “why not?” They worked up very well though at the time I wondered what possessed me. Take chances!

I’d put “The View” on one morning and what struck me was the stage set, blue, green, and white or silver. SOCKS popped into my head, so I sat down and made them up. Inspiration comes from all kinds of places!

During the fall art tour, a friend was here and requested socks. Being busy with several people I suggested she go to the shelves and pull out three colors. She did, and I made them up. Not being entirely certain she would like them. I made up a second pair, substituting a lighter gray for the dark gray she had chosen. This is the lighter pair. She really liked both and had a hard time deciding. In the end she took the darker pair for winter wear. I didn’t get a photo so will need to make them up again.

I need to work on sock names again as I’ve been coming up with more new color combinations. When you have over a hundred names on your list, you tend to start running out of ideas!

I woke up to our first snow this morning, it was snowing and blowing! I went out later and snapped a couple photos including snow on the pumpkins. By afternoon the sun was out, the snow had melted, but it is still quite windy tonight. We usually don’t have snow until near the end of October, so I’m hopeful we’ll still have a week or two of our normal fall weather before it gets cold and stays cold. Because of the wind, though, I did start a fire in the woodburner this AM, our first this fall, and oh, how that wood heat warms you through.

2 thoughts on “Wool Socks & First Snow”

  1. We also had a small snow shower here in Madison yesterday! not a flake stayed, of which we were quite happy, but I'm sure we'll get our lasting snow sooner rather than later. We need to enjoy what fall we have left, eh? :)I really like your socks….keep crankin'!

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