Give Me Patience…

The pattern heddles on the outside, both sides, of the drawloom are a terrible tangled mess! Do you remember Kylie, our dog who had to be put down the second day of the Summer Art Tour? She had the canine version of dimentia, standing and staring into corners or at walls. Unhappily, she also would often get under one of my looms, and was unable to figure out how to get back out. I took to parking chairs and stools in front of any openings along the sides and ends of the drawloom I thought she could get through, and still she would get in there. The tangled heddles are the result.

You can see, on the right, a few I managed to untangle this morning. Over two hours working on it and I still have a ways to go. The larger tangled group was much, much worse when I started. The other side of the loom is nearly as bad. I have my work cut out for me!

Do I need them untangled to weave? No, I’ll just be a much happier weaver when this is done!

2 thoughts on “Give Me Patience…”

  1. If Kylie had been being naughty, I probably would have back when it happened, but this was something she could not help, so just felt so sad for her, used chairs and stools to block her paths (didn't work!). She was such a sweetheart I couldn't be angry with her. I miss her! She was put down the second day of the summer art tour, but she was here for the fall tour, her ashes are in a container on the fireplace mantle. One of the visitors noticed, said she had one on her mantle, too.

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