That In-Between Stage

It’s been a busy couple days here, between family and work, yet everything is in that in-between stage where you’re busy working and yet nothing seems to be finished.

Strips of sheet in a nice soft sage green, previously cut, are being sewn, cream with hunter green ticking stripes, solid hunter green, and a nice milk chocolate brown coming up next. Solids of teal, cream, and cranberry will be next. These are all for my first foray into rag rug weaving. Dozens and dozens more sheets are waiting to be prepped. So far I’ve been using a rotary cutter, but have an electric cutter on loan to me by rag rug weaver Joe (RUGSBYJOE) that I need to try out.

I’ve been cranking socks, with more to come yet today. These are berry, green, and jade, nice bright cheerful colors. I’ll be making a pair of these for myself! More toes are waiting to be closed, two pairs of socks were washed and hung to dry, others were “steamed” to finish them, and all still need to be tagged.

The last towel from the natural/unbleached warp was steamed and pressed, hung to dry and will be machine hemmed when I’m done here.

The push is really on now, both galleries needing weaving and socks, and with several deadlines coming up fast, I need to keep producing. I’ll spare you the photo of cones of 10/2 and 20/2 cotton waiting to be made into warps. Three looms are waiting to be warped, not counting one upstairs and an upright (floor) frame loom, for tapestry, downstairs.

I’m thinking a few short rewards will be in order, sitting on the neighbor’s pier with my feet in the lake would be one, IF there is enough of a breeze to keep the mosquitos off. He has a log anchored a short way from the pier that turtles like to sun themselves on.

Sunday I’ll be working at the new Artistree gallery, in Land O’Lakes, WI, and will have socks with me needing toes closed. It never ends! Don’tcha just LOVE it!

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