Gaining Time by Setting Limits

I enjoy weaving lists such as WeaveTech, ScanWeave, and Rugtalk, learning from what is shared, occasionally contributing on-list and off, and reading what various weavers are working on. A couple years ago, while on more lists, I became more and more aware that while I was reading about everyone elses weaving I was getting very little of my own done. This had to stop!

Now, my computer time is limited to a couple weaving friends, four or five lists that are most important to me, a few blogs I enjoy looking in on, and writing this blog, which is wonderful motivation for me. Since my blog is about my fiber-related activities, if I don’t do, I have little to post about.

Now that I have these self-imposed limits on my on-line time, I’ve been able to accomplish far more weaving and sock-cranking than before. I’m finally reaching the stage in my life where I am able to start pursuing my personal dreams, priorities, and goals, and make daily progress towards them them. Family is still a priority, but time-wise, the balance is tipping.

Two years ago, I could only dream of participating in another cooperative gallery, of being on the art tour, and doing a couple art/craft shows. Once I set limits on my time on-line, I have been able to turn those dreams and others into reality, and there are more to come.

So where am I now? Trying to keep up! I have a calendar I need to check daily to see if it’s a day I can work at home, a gallery work day, or something going on with family. I make more and longer Task Lists to keep me track, and plot out my work to meet dates on the calendar. As for those self-imposed limits, some days I am more successful than others, but happily, that balance is tipping, too.

The warp is lashed on, waiting for rag shuttles to be filled,…

there are many, many more sheets waiting to be cut and sewn,…

and many, many more pairs of socks need to be made.

And tonight, as every night, the Whippoorwill is singing away just outside my studio as he goes on his nightly rounds.

2 thoughts on “Gaining Time by Setting Limits”

  1. Good for you! Setting limits is very important. Right now what I have done is not te read email or blogs until afternoon. I started by saying I wouldn't turn on the computer in the morning at all, but then it turned out I would frequently need something on it for what I was weaving, dyeing, designing, what have you. So the computer goes on, but only for weaving related stuff. Also, I now spend the first 15 minutes after breakfast reading a weaving related book. That, too, has been good for me. I do read a lot of blogs (through Bloglines which makes for much faster browsing), but I comment much less than I used to……(grin!)

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