Treasures Re-discovered

It has been a long time since I’d done any spinning, as I’ve been kept busy with weaving, cranking socks, and family matters. With Open Studio/Demo day coming up on Sunday, my spinning wheel was in need of attention. I bought it approximately 25 years ago from Michael Wilson, after reading a review of it in an issue of Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot, and I wanted it in good working order for demonstrating spinning. I took it all apart, oiled the cherry wood, oiled the working parts, and re-assembled it.

Then I sat down and started spinning some Coopworth roving I’d purchased a couple years ago at the WI Sheep & Wool Festival. The Coopworth roving is lovely, and spins up very nicely. I want so badly to take the wheel out onto the lakeside porch and spin, but right now other priorities must come first. A treasure re-discovered that evening.

On June 1st I had a phone call from a weaving friend Joe, aka RUGSBYJOE, who asked if I was at my computer, and if I wasn’t, to go to it right away, as he had seen a Boyce Weavers Knotter for sale. We had both seen Ken Colwell use one at The Looms, long ago, tieing new warp to old on a drawloom. So I flew down the stairs, read the post, and immediately wrote to the seller that I was interested. She wrote back it was mine and it arrived not long after. It’s sitting on a shelf now in my studio, waiting for me to have an evening when I can sit down and try to figure out how it works as no directions came with it (seller had bought it used). If I can’t figure it out, I’ll ask WeaveTech members if anyone has printed directions or could explain it to me. I expect to put it to good use in the future. A new treasure in the studio.

Time to go check on the strings recital practice, then back to making my new warp for the countermarche loom. This one is 8/4 rug warp, stripes, approximately 14 yards, for rugs and bags.

3 thoughts on “Treasures Re-discovered”

  1. We have the same M. Wilson wheel as you. It is both wonderfully made and wonderful to spin on. Do find some time to spin on it when possible. Enjoy.

  2. The Michael Wilson wheel IS a wonderful wheel, isn't it? So nicely balanced so it always stops at the same place. I liked the Norwegian reproduction as my paternal grandparents came here from Norway, and I visited Norway way back in 1973, and saw spinning wheels at museums. I'll be able to go back to doing more spinning in the fall, after the summer rush is over. I'd like to ply the Coopworth, then knit it into a hat and mittens for myself.

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