Weavolution is Here!

Thanks to Claudia, Tien, and Allison, weavers now have their own social networking site at http://weavolution.com, which went on-line yesterday. I took a brief look, late in the day, and this afternoon posted my introduction. Then, as if I didn’t have enough to do, I just went on-line and started a new group there for Double Harness Weaving. A pastor once said to me, if you need something done, ask a busy person. (He was asking me do something.) Well, I think I’ve about reached my limit, but after all, this new group is weaving related!

I am just starting my journey into double harness weaving (drawloom), and learning as I go, from books, back issues of VAV, Becky Ashenden’s DVD “Dressing Your Swedish Drawloom,” and especially from other drawloom weavers in the Complex Weavers Double Harness Study Group. Some of the best learning will come when setup is done and I am sitting at my single unit drawloom, weaving.

This new group on Weavolution is not meant to replace the CW study group. Just the opposite. I’m hoping this new group might interest weavers who have not had any exposure to this area of weaving, and perhaps a few might decide to delve into drawloom weaving.

Now, back to the loom, I have a towel to finish, then remove the leftover (waste) warp, dust and vacuum the loom and floor, and tonight or tomorrow morning, make the next warp. For the moment, I have it narrowed down to seven northwoodsy colors (they are to me, anyway!). I want the warp on the loom tomorrow night so I can thread it Thursday. This will be for table runners and bags. Then re-warp for either rugs, or towels. These will be shorter warps than usual as I have a deadline coming up and the galleries want more weaving (and socks). Planning my work, and working my plan!

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