Family First This Week

This post is a short departure from weaving and fibers, my usual focus for this blog. This was a week for putting family first.

Sarah, my oldest daughter, and I left one week ago today, for a four day trip to southern WI, first visiting my parents in Janesville then spending time with my brother Mark and fiance Trina who live in Madison. Mark has a very cute home, and lovely yard they have been fixing up and where they will be married in September.

A previous owner had planted a lilac tree under each bedroom window, so while sleeping there one night, I kept my window open a couple inches despite a light, occasional rain, and the fragrence of lilac was wonderful, reminding me of a lilac tree we had when I was a child.

While in Madison, Sarah registered for fall classes at MATC where she is entering the Veterinary Technician program (2 years). As MATC does not have dorms we had one day to find her a place to live, and signed a one year lease for an apartment. In a few weeks we’ll start moving her down there. My oldest is leaving the nest.

On the way home we stopped by Nicolet Area Technical College, where Sarah has been a student for the past two years. The flowering crabs on the drive in are beautiful.

Taking an alternate road home we found Trillium in bloom and ferns unfurling.

We returned home to spring in the Northwoods of WI.

2 thoughts on “Family First This Week”

  1. Good to see that spring has reached you too! It's pretty amazing how quickly things come out once the snow leaves really.Congrats to your daughter on this new venture! I hope it will work out well for her!Sue

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