Gallery Metamorphosis

This past Wednesday, a few of the eleven artists in The Studio Gallery (2009) gathered to clean inside, do a bit of yardwork in our fenced area, and set up/display/hang the works for this year.

This was what I found when I arrived before mid-morning, nearly bare shelves, bare walls, and a layer of winter’s dust. So we set to work, windows were washed inside and out, shelves scrubbed, carpet vacuumed, small bins of “office supplies” organized, bags counted, and the little yard raked and ready for planting more herbs. Then pottery was unpacked and set out, paintings carried in and decisions made on where they would be hung, textiles set out, and by mid-afternoon we were nearly done.

Yesterday was our opening day and as Wendy is away, I spent the day at the gallery. Though it is Memorial weekend, Boulder Junction was fairly quiet yesterday. This photo shows the results of our work on Wednesday, the The Studio Gallery is looking good, and everyone will be bringing more work in throughout the summer and fall.

My basket of towels looking nice together on the shelf, but my antique towel drying rack at home is nearly empty, it’s time to weave up a few more.

It’s going to be a busy summer of weaving towels, runners, and rugs, cranking socks, working on the drawloom, as well as working at two galleries, the Artists Interactive demos and open studio day, along with the Northwoods Art Tour. I’ve been waiting a long, long time for this, and now it’s time to make it all happen!

5 thoughts on “Gallery Metamorphosis”

  1. Oh, Jan it looks wonderful! I wish I could be transported there in person to see it! Maybe if I snap my fingers and wiggle my nose! It just looks so inviting!LaVonne

  2. Thanks, Lavonne! We’re small but quite happy in our space. Our little gallery is located behind The Outdoorsman Restaurant in Boulder Junction, WI.Long ago there were railroads here, and the little building we are in was a wash house for the railroad engineers/workers. A nice little bit of history for us. As soon as our big wood flowers are “planted” in the ground again, I’ll post a new exterior spring photo of our gallery.

  3. Everything looks fantastic! We may have to take a “road trip” sometime this summer to come visit. The gallery looks to be a wonderful excuse for the PERFECT destination. 🙂

  4. Please let me know when you'll be up this way, Mike. The Studio Gallery is small, but nice. Plus, we have a new cooperative-style gallery opening June 15th in Land O' Lakes, WI, with works of 12-20 area artists. There is a bit of overlap in artists between the two galleries, but the LOL one will have a bit more space. Hope you can stop in at both.

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