More Towels ~ Variations on a Theme

These are the latest two twill towels off the loom. The blue border towel turned out very nicely, I feel, with a much wider border and smaller solid twill center. I was getting low on that particular tube of natural cottolin (same as warp) and needed to stretch it so it wouldn’t run out before the towel was done. Now I’ll simply switch to natural in another brand of cottolin.

The red border towel is the one I wrote about the other day when red dye bled into the adjoining white/natural. After two washes in hot water and Retayne, then one wash in hot water and Synthrapol, you would have to look very closely to find any red except where it IS supposed to be. Nevertheless, I will be adding the dye magnet sheets, recommended by four weavers, to my laundry room supplies.

There appears to be enough warp left for another one or two towels so it’s time to seriously start deciding on the stripe layout for the next warp and do the math. I’ll be at the warping mill before too long.

This is one of the latest pairs of sock machine (CSM) socks made, and also turned out nicely. The violet color is one I didn’t have before, and combined it with eggshell and moss for a nice “Springy” pair of socks.

2 thoughts on “More Towels ~ Variations on a Theme”

  1. Janice,I posted a bit about those Color Catchers back in March. My local circle of weavers absolutely swears by them. I put some info on their experiences in my post (that I’m too lazy to move here!)The last time I had yarn with a lot of fugitive dye, I soaked the yarn first before weaving with it to get rid of the dye. My circle of weaving friends locally says I don’t need to do that with Color Catchers….but I can’t totally, totally promise that it’s true. (Actually the yarn I had with fugitive dye was cottolin too now that I think of it.)Glad you were able to reclaim your towel! That’s a good trick to know!Love the socks!! Very spring-like!Sue

  2. It’s good to know the Color Catchers work and from people who have had experience with them. Thanks, Sue!As for the socks, I’m about to be chained to the sock machine for a long, long time, with weaving breaks in-between bouts of sock-making. With a new gallery opening, I need to make even more.

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