Passing It Forward

A few weeks back an email from a complex weaver and fellow member of the CW Double Harness Study Group arrived in my Inbox, announcing to the group she would be retiring from weaving, and would be selling her looms and weaving library. I was torn between feelings of sadness for her, and my interest in what weaving books she might have. I finally decided to write and ask her about them, and a few days later a list of books arrived in my (snail) mailbox.

Oh My! I’ve been aware of and following weaving books for 28 years, but this list had titles of books I had heard of but never seen before as well as books I had never heard of. I made the decision to purchase the majority of titles on her list, along with cones of 10/2, 16/2, and 20/2 threads for use on the drawloom, and a couple shuttles.

Today, four of seven boxes arrived in the mail, and opening them was such a treat! Several Swedish weaving books I had never seen before, a couple complex weaving books I’d been hoping to find, and dozens of reproductions (or copies) of early weaving books, along with 14 mailing envelopes full of Complex Weavers Early Weaving Books and Manuscripts study group newsletters and sample sheets, complete with drafts, threads used, source of draft, etc., 1993 – 2008 (samples below).

The samples are incredible!!! I’ve only paged through five of the envelopes so far, and tomorrow will spend more time with them. Joining that study group has long been a wish, but as I only had three or so reproductions of this type of book, I hadn’t pursued it. Needless to say, I wrote the study group leader this evening about joining. I am looking forward to begin learning another new (to me) area of weaving.

All through this, Nastche Milan and I have been exchanging wonderful emails, and she is now enjoying two pairs of my wool socks, as a thank you gift. Happily, she is keeping a table loom as she would like to continue doing some weaving.

In the past, I have occasionally looked ahead to the day when I will have to give up my looms, spinning wheels, and weaving/fibers library, and I hope and pray it is a long time off. The older I get, the faster time seems to go by and lately I feel very aware of how limited my time for weaving might be and how much I want to do and learn yet.

So tonight, I am feeling so very thankful this opportunity crossed my path. I will be putting these incredible resources to good use, both in learning, and weaving, and someday they will be passed forward to another weaver. Thank you, Nastche, you are a treasure!

6 thoughts on “Passing It Forward”

  1. Yes, I'm very excited about the study group, the samples & info, looking for weave structures to incorporate in my work, and how I'll interpret them in color and fiber. Though I'm feeling rather scattered right now from working in different areas of weaving (drawloom to rag rug weaving???),the reality is I do weave and crank socks to sell to add to my income.At first I looked at these books and newsletters as the fabulous resource they are, but last night I was realizing it won't just be an intellectual/learning exercise (though definitely that), but I'll also be able to incorporate parts in my work. Very exciting!The samples are just incredible, just gorgeous weaving!

  2. What a wonderful collections of books!!!! I am so happy you had a chance to purchase them along with the yarn. They will have a good home.Have fun,Barb

  3. Hi Barb, I was just adding all the books to my computer list so I can get them on shelves and off my cutting table, which I will need this afternoon.I want so badly to just sit and page through everything, but must content myself with going slowly and still getting my weaving and cranking done each day. I’ve already seen a number of samples and drafts I must weave. This should help me to become more productive, another positive outcome! Thanks for the comment!

  4. I know, but as I already have a list of weaving and cranking I need to do along with deadlines, for now, I can simply make note of future projects, items to make and weave structures, colors, etc. Your e-sketchbook would be ideal for this, I need to look into the software. For now, a sketchbook, pen, and color pencils will do. Another box arrived today, with two more envelopes of newsletters and swatches, along with several more cones of fine threads. Now waiting for the last two boxes to arrive. Now that the fine threads are here, it’s time to make the warp for the drawloom. I’ve got some figuring to do!

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