CSM Yarn Colors

Today, I am taking a short break from cranking socks, having finished up two orders which will be going out in the mail today. It seemed a good opportunity to do a bit housecleaning of the yarns I am currently using for cranking socks (shown above). I’ve been having a wonderful time the past few months, working out various pleassing color combinations, and have a list of over 85 that have worked out well. Using three colors at a time, fine wool and wool/nylon blend yarns, resulting in colors randomly coming to the surface. They are fun and colorful socks which many people are now enjoying. I am looking forward to trying out a different cylinder and needle setups, as well as different yarns over the coming winter.

Unfortunately, the yarns I’ve been using have been discontinued, so the search is on for replacements. Meanwhile, I’ll be using up the yarns/colors I have on hand, which have been quite popular this past summer at a couple art/craft shows and CSM demonstrations.

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