Closing Toes on Sock Orders

Today was another cranky day, on the sock machine, that is. This evening, I’ve been closing toes and washing completed socks. Now, later this evening, I am closing toes on three socks made at the demo this past Friday evening. I am not entirely happy with one pair, which were requested to be made in red and black. Since I work with three colors at once, she added navy. In the finished socks, the red and navy dominate, the black recedes. So, tomorrow morning I’ll be trying another pair, and hopefully have another cone of black yarn; she’ll then have her choice. There should be a pic or two of the finished socks in a couple days. We’re not using our woodburning kitchen range yet, which helps the socks dry quickly, so drying time will take an
extra day.

I’ve been estimating how many pairs of socks I’ll need to have completed for next summer, and it boggles the mind!

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