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Fine Warps, in Progress

A full day at home today gave me time to work on these fine warps. Though both are being made with 20/2 cotton, I’m starting with the 36 epi warp, 5″ or so wide and only 4-5 yards long.

Here is perhaps the first inch of warp on the warping mill. Time to add my counting thread.

I have rug weaving friends who marvel at my weaving towels with 22/2 cottolin. The cottolin feels downright coarse compared to this cone of 20/2 cotton.

Running the cotton through my fingers, it’s almost like there is nothing there. This is my introduction to finer threads, and this isn’t as fine as some of the linen and silk samples I’ve seen, not to mention a couple samples I’ve seen that have sewing thread for warp and weft.

Here are a few of the colors of 20/2 cotton I have available for weft. I’m really looking forward to this weaving, following the treadling variations given in the book, and then seeing what I can come up with.

Now, back to my warping mill.