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More Towels and Beginnings of Opphampta Attachment

Today I was able to hem and finish two more towels, a straight draw twill, both warp and weft are cottolin, and a plain weave using a white cotton thick & thin weft. Both look nice tonight on an antique cupboard with the birdhouses, painted years ago by my mother, Ruth Helgestad.

Tonight son Noah was assembling the basic framework of the opphampta attachment. When I purchased it from another weaver, I knew it was for a 54″ loom, and my loom is 48″ but thought some of it would be generic to fit any Glimakra Standard loom, and the two main support pieces for the top could be made. In order to show a woodworker what I need, I wanted the top structure assembled as he will most likely not be familiar with looms. I know when I need something from the hardware store and I mention the word “loom,” their eyes glaze over.

I want to go over my calculations for the drawcord warp again, as the example in “Damask and Opphampta” is for a 60″ wide loom. Then I’ll be able to finally get that drawcord warp made, in anticipation of the reeds arriving.

Meanwhile, I weave and crank, and continue looking for some spinning and felting time.