Settling In

A busy summer of finishing my move, unpacking, and finding there is a lot more I will need to dispose of. I did manage to get warps on the Standard, Regina, and one band loom, and am currently working on a warp for woven shibori scarves.

The summer Northwoods Art Tour was in late July.

August was filled with DIL Char not doing well, doctor visits, and worries. Plus, an offer was made on my house in July, which I accepted, then after weeks of waiting for buyer, with house being off the market in prime time up here, and moving closing date up at their request, 24 hours or so before closing day/time, they told the realtor they had decided not to purchase. They were given another 24 hours, then I signed the cancellation document after no communication from them. I am seriously unhappy with all of this but at least the house is back on the market. No courtesy or integrity.

So now I am weaving again and thinking ahead to the fall art tour, October 11-13. I hope to be indigo dyeing again in a couple weeks.

I have the Mirrix Zach loom ready to warp, just need to watch the video again while warping it the first time. There is a postcard to weave and mail!

It is September 1st, summer is nearly over, autumn is on the doorstep, and a young buck that visits already has a thick coat. I am hoping that is not an indication of winter arriving early. Meanwhile, I will make it a point to enjoy the autumn weather and colors.

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