New Challenges

2015 stretches out ahead, a new year of exciting weaving challenges and opportunities!

Art Gypsy Trunk Show at Nicolet College Art Gallery, Feb. 6 - Mar. 7.
Art Gypsy Trunk Show at Nicolet College Art Gallery, Feb. 6 – Mar. 7.

January will be totally focused on weaving for an area exhibit.  The Art Gypsies, of which I am a member, were asked if we would like to have an exhibit at Nicolet College Art Gallery.  We all agreed, and the exhibit will open Friday, February 6, 2015, and close on Saturday, March 7, 2015.  Visit their page (link above) for details.  (I know, poor photo, but it’s all I hard to work with!)

I will be working on a collaborative piece with Char, and hopefully a garment along with a couple scarves.  Designs and detailed calculations are being worked on now, and the weaving begins tomorrow morning.  I have a woven shibori warp on the loom to finish (the first scarf is already sold), and I’m hoping another 3-4 scarves if enough warp, The next warp will be wider for the exhibit weavings.

Artistree Gallery, Land O' Lakes, WI.
Artistree Gallery, Land O’ Lakes, WI.

Along with weaving for the exhibit, I’ll have weaving at Artistree Gallery, Land O’ Lakes, WI, beginning mid-January.  Artistree  is a cooperative gallery so I will be working a couple days a month there, and always have weaving or sock handwork to take with, or a spinning wheel for a good days of spinning wool.

The Art Gypsies will also have their annual art show/sale on June 13th, more information here and on my webpage/blog (see 2015 Calendar page) for details of time and location.

2015 will also include the Northwoods Art Tours, always a good time, and this year my daughter Sarah Zindel will be a guest artist with her handmade jewelry.  The summer art tour dates are July 24-25-26, 2015, fall art tour dates are Oct. 9-10-22, 2015.  Mark your calendars!

Another part of my year will be the Weaving Study Group I am part of. I belong to an area weaving/fiber arts guild, and we meet monthly at our homes for a potluck supper and a show-and-share. While nice to have time with area weaver and fiber artists, three of us began meeting every three months or so for our own gatherings.

We each enjoy learning and exploring, in-depth, weaving areas that interest us so that is what we do,… work/study/weave independently, then get together and share information, resources, samples, and larger works in our area(s) of interest.

Carol Stone, Weaving Study Group member.
Carol Stone, weaver.
Louise Engelbrecht, artist and weaver.
Louise Engelbrecht, artist and weaver.

Both Carol and Louise have a great interest in the Norwegian weave, Krokbragd, and that is what they have been working on for the past several months or more.

Jan, starting a new woven shibori scarf.
Jan, starting a new woven shibori scarf.

My focus the past two years has been woven shibori and indigo dyeing, with no end in sight.  I’m just beginning!

We also have other related areas or tangents we plan to explore this year, including warp painting.  It is very nice to have weaving companions who are serious weavers and enjoy in-depth studies.

I’m looking forward to a productive year,… time to begin!

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