Catching Up, Part 3 (CSM Socks)

Ready to crank socks with plenty of good light.

I had been procrastinating, but with Art in the Yard approaching, it was time to get to work and get some socks made.  I worked many afternoons in good light from the west window until sun made it too bright.  On cloudy days or night, I have the two hallogen spotlights pointing right down inside the cylinder so I can clearly see what is happening with the yarn and needles.

These are a few of the socks I made for Art in the Yard (June 23rd).

Sock half done, completed heel showing in bottom half of cylinder.

Ginger, Mango, and Papaya make a fun sock!

Each socks takes 25 minutes, start to finish, on the sock machine, when all goes well.

Detail of the Ginger, Mango, Papaya color combination when knit together.

Four pairs of socks waiting to have toes closed by hand, which takes me about 25 minutes per socks due to knitting with 3 fine strands of 2 ply yarns, and old eyes!

Detail of closing toes with Kitchner Stitch.

“Got the Blue” in progress.  Yes, I name each pair of socks!

Toes need closing, then they are washed, rinsed, water spun out in washing machine (socks are in a lingerie bag), then hung to dry on a wood drying rack, near the woodstove in winter, in front of a box fan on humid summer days, or outside when it is nice.  Then comes a final bit of steam, let them dry again, and ready for new owners.

“Spring Greens” in progress, ordered by an area jewelry artist.

“Spring Greens” completed.

Luna Moth on the neighbor’s shed, this summer, and inspiration for a new color combination for socks.

Milo, ready to help make socks.

Now it’s early August, and time to make socks again for our guild sale during CranberryFest, Saturday, October 6th, at the UCC church in Eagle River, WI.  Never a dull moment!

4 thoughts on “Catching Up, Part 3 (CSM Socks)”

  1. I've been a lurker for almost two years and realized I never said Hi! or to thank you for your inspiring and informative posts. It's great to have you back again, I missed you!Nice socks – I'm still learning the nuances of my "cranky" machine, but pleased to report I'm making great progress, including a pair made from my own hand-spun yarn made from a raw fleece.I look forward to reading more of your creative and interesting life!Steve "Bobbin Doctor" PaulingMinneapolis

  2. Thank you, Bobbin Doctor, (or may I call you Steve?) for your kind comments! It's nice to know when people read and enjoy posts.Sock machines can be cranky, but when things are going well, are enjoyable to use, and the resulting socks even better. And socks from your own handspun, that is impressive! I have some handspun set aside to try a pair on my machine, too, perhaps later this fall. Before then, I have to make more to sell in early October, so you'll likely see more socks on here before too long.

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