Sock Season in the Studio

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to take part again in “Art In The Yard” with the Art Gypsies, and would I please demo on the sock machine.  On Saturday, June 18th, the Art Gypsies will be celebrating the Summer Solstice outdoors at Fir Tree Cottage, in Land O’ Lakes, WI. 

People really enjoy watching a sock machine in action, and will stand for 25-30 minutes to watch a sock being made, often asking questions the entire time.  Although most people have never seen an antique sock machine before, occasionally an older person will recall one from their childhood, and tell me a story about it, always fascinating to hear.    

I’ll also have socks available for purchase, and this is something I accept custom orders for, particularly if they are for someone who’s feet are not my typical S-M-L-XL, or they want particular colors.  These demos always make for a fun day.    

I’ll have socks available again (and sock machine demos) at both the September 24th “Art In The Yard,” when the Art Gypsies celebrate the Autumn Equinox, and again Saturday, October 1st when the Lake Country Weavers & Fiber Artists will have their annual sale at the UCC Church in Eagle River, WI, during CranberryFest weekend.  I will also have weaving for sale at both of these events.

This particular color combination is one of my favorites.  I name each pair of socks, sometimes coming up with a name and choosing colors to fit the idea, other times starting with colors, making the socks, then choosing a name.  This particular pair was called “Signs of Autumn,” for the color of the fall sky and brilliant colored leaves.

Detail of “Signs of Autumn.”

If you’ve watched this blog for very long, you’ll recognize this rug.  I needed photos for an application I was considering sending in, so took the rug out onto the lakeside porch for a quick photo.  Both the hummingbirds and I are enjoying the flowers in this hanging pot, so I thought it would be a nice addition to the photo.

Up until a few days ago, I was enjoying these blossoms on my dwarf apple tree.  Once the heat arrived, the flowers disappeared.  I am hopeful there will be a few apples again this autumn, if the deer leave the tree alone.  Last fall, while staining the house, I had to remove part of the fence around a small garden area so we could try to get the lift around to the front corner of the house.  I was undecided about the fence, it was quite unattractive, though it did keep the deer out.  Having injured my knee before I was finished with the staining, I left the fence half up, half down, over the winter.  This spring, under cover of night, deer mowed down the tiger lilies and chives that were coming up.  I’m going to remove the rest of the fence and either replace it with something better, or wish the tree luck!

It was a long winter, and with an empty nest, was feeling more than a little lonely after living with husband and children for 32 years.  I am aware I have much to be thankful for, and when spring days and sunshine arrived I was feeling much better.  This banner spoke to me one day, and it now hangs near my home, and I see it everytime I go in or out.  Enjoy Life!  And that is what I am doing!

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