A favorite Huck variation runner.

This year, I thought I would choose a focus word for the coming year.  For 2011, my word is “transitions,” which perfectly fits what is coming in both my personal/home life as well as my weaving life.

As with most people, there have been many transitions in my life, school to work; single to married; childless to motherhood; southern Wisconsin to the Northwoods of WI; wife and mother to widow and single mother; from family needs to self-determined purpose; and hopefully in 2011, moving back to southern WI, though I’m not yet exactly sure where. 

This year my life will be full of transitions, some having already begun.  After 31 years, I am learning to live alone again.  After a rather lonely start, I now find I like having no schedules other than my own, and now creating a new life for myself. 

You may remember this fall I was working on the exterior of my home.  Now, work has begun on the interior, with major decluttering, to be followed by scrubbing, oiling log walls and wood ceilings, and hopefully refinishing floors.

With the new year, and with help from a daughter staying for another two weeks, I have begun decluttering and letting go of life as it was over the past 31 years,… family, homeschooling, community activities, and so on.  So far, letting go of things has been easier than I’d anticipated.  I am busy letting go things I will not need in my new life, and loving the empty spaces created from each cleaned out room, closet, drawer, and box.    

I do have my priorities straight,… I am keeping most of the looms, weaving equipment, spinning wheels, yarns, fibers, fabrics, and of course, BOOKS!

I’ve gotten a preliminary quote from a moving company; they will do an in-person visit and quote when I’m closer to putting my home up for sale.  Occasionally I go online to look at house listings in the towns I am considering. 

I want so badly to have weaving/studio time, but am trying to get as much done as possible while my daughter is here.  If I can make a LOT of progress now, I’ll be able to work in weaving time very soon.

New “slim” Christmas tree with garland lights.

Evenings, I’m still enjoying my Christmas tree, while looking back at 2010 and ahead to 2011 and all the changes in store.  I’ve also been setting new goals for myself and my weaving.  While I will continue to weave towels and runners, at least for awhile (stash to use up), I’ll also be venturing into a couple new areas of weaving this year. 

Long-loved ornaments with happy memories.

The New Year 2011 is here, and I am looking forward to many positive changes!

2 thoughts on “Transitions”

  1. I have been enjoying all of your posts…… weaving, sorting, maintenance, and soon, new beginnings. It will be very interesting to hear about your new home/studio.Good luck with the work and best wishes for the New Year!

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