Back in the Studio Again!

Today, I am back in my weaving studio!  I began with a bit of rearranging and dusting, followed by tensioning the rug warp on the Glimakra Standard.
Checking through sheet strips already cut and sewn, colors were pulled that
will work for this rug, now piled on the warp beam (away from my cats).
Then I searched through my considerable sheet stash, pulling more of the colors needed.  The first rug had a teal emphasis, this one will focus on wine/navy/green, with lesser amounts of other colors used in the striped warp to pull the whole thing together. 

I’ve set up a table in the Studio Annex (my upstairs living room) where I can cut and sew strips, work on quilts, along with other uses.  I’m cutting these sheets now and later will set up my sewing machine and stitch them together.  Then, folding the joined strips in half, I’ll fill three or four ski shuttles so I can begin weaving this rug tomorrow.  

After weeks of working on the exterior of my home, I am happy to report I was able to finish staining my log home.  Why is there snow fence next to the house?  The porch floor isn’t dry yet, and I need to keep Keesha (and myself) from walking through wet stain! 

There are a few areas where I’ll need someone, in the spring, to go much higher on a ladder than I am willing to go, but for the most part, it is done.  It took three 5 gallon pails of stain, and there is a fourth one waiting for spring.  Now, it’s time to begin sanding, staining, and finishing the storm windows!

3 thoughts on “Back in the Studio Again!”

  1. My goodness….you DO, and already have done, a lot of work prior to putting the house up for sale next Spring! I'm glad that the weather held off long enough to get you to where you wanted to be before the snow flew….although, I understand the ground up there is already covered in white? We've only had rain down here…..that will soon change, too.Now on to what you really want to do…..WEAVE! I, along with many others, I'm sure, enjoy seeing your posts of ongoing work, so please don't get too involved in weaving that you forget to post about it. ;)Have Fun!

  2. Hi Mike,… not to worry, I keep the camera handy so when I think there is something helpful or of interest, I take pics. I still have an awful lot to do on the house and only a few months to do it in, but most of it is inside, it's winter (been snowing most of the day), so easier to transition from loom to and back again.

  3. I love the colors that you've chosen for your rug and I'm looking forward to seeing you post about it.Snow? You have snow? I'm so jealous! Send some of that our way!

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