I sometimes wonder why it is some people are able to be very focused on a particular area of weaving or a particular technique, and others, like myself, like to go off on tangents occasionally. I see myself primarily as a weaver, and have areas of weaving I focus on. But, I also enjoy cranking socks on an antique sock machine, do some spinning, a bit of felting, and some handknitting. For a long time now, dyeing has been on my radar.

While in the garage chopping kindling each morning, I’ve been noticing all the big canners, lined up on shelves, and looking forward to spring and summer, and getting more fleece washed. I’d also noticed a couple smaller pots I’d saved, thinking they might be useful for dyeing.

Earlier today, I was out emptying the ash bucket from the woodburner, and found an Amazon box at my doorstep. After quickly getting the fire started, I opened the package to find “Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece: Dip-Dyeing, Hand-Painting, Tie-Dyeing, and Other Creative Techniques” by Gail Callahan. I had placed a pre-publication order, so the arrival of this book was a happy surprise today.

This is not (yet) a review, but when I’m finished here I’m heading straight upstairs to sit and start looking through this new book. I have a number of dyeing books on my shelves, but this one appears to be a book I want to sit down and read cover to cover. I’ll let you know, but from my brief glance, I’d say chances are good I’ll be ordering dyes very soon. I already have ready-to-dye skeins and cones of sock yarns standing by, and let’s not even think about how much (white) raw fleece is waiting to be processed and very possibly dyed.

Over the past four years or so, I’ve collected a few nice tapestry forks. Recently, two more were added to my little collection, one is double-ended (far right in photo), the other has metal tines (second from left) which I plan to use for tapestry techniques in weaving rag rugs. I’d been watching for one for some time now, and this one finally crossed my path.

There is a Schacht table-top tapestry loom (with A-frame stand) upstsairs, which I’ve enjoyed using, also an upright Glimakra “Sara” frame loom (taller than I am) that I’m looking forward to using someday. Both looms a good reason to collect tapestry forks!

Tangents,… in this case, new areas of fibers to learn more about and try. It’s nice to have new horizons to look forward to.

3 thoughts on “Tangents”

  1. There is something so nice about good tools. Love the rug and looking foreward to seeing that done. And those beautiful matts – I like the clean non-fuzzy style as well. And double binding has been on my to do list for so long! Evelyn

  2. SHE LIVES!!! Good to see that you are doing well. And to begin dyeing! As you know, I love to dye yarn and/or roving, too. I knitted up a 2 strand sock blank tube on the NZAK and am getting up my nerve to "paint" it. I will, of course, be taking photos of the process…..be it good or ill. Have a good one! I hope that your shoulder is better?

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