A New Year of Fibers!

Isn’t it wonderful when you find people to talk fibers with? I’ve been corres-ponding with Michael, a WI weaver/knitter, with a recent interest in sock machines. I told him of the Midwest Crankers as well as a group that meets in Madison, he went to one of their crank-in Saturdays and decided he would like to save up for a sock machine. Michael asked if I would make a pair of socks, and before I could get them made, he had ordered a NZAK, and is now waiting for it to arrive.

Meanwhile I sent along two pairs of custom-made socks, the first in beige/gray/hunter green,…

…the second in three shades of gray. I’m told they fit! It’s all been a fun way to begin a New Year of fibers at Shuttle Works Studio.

There are more socks needing to be made, weaving to be done, and warps to be made. I’m working on another sock order, I would like to have a rug done for Monday’s weaving guild meeting, and the gallery needs all new socks (only 4 pairs left) and weaving. Plus, I have a number of “single” socks here, where I got carried away with cranking and cranked more rows than were needed for the size I was making. Now, just need to count rows/determine size, and make mates for them. Same yarn, same tension, so they should turn out the same size. I also have my drum carder and wool back and would love to do a little felting, too. Did I mention I’m knitting a scarf? Now, to see how much I can get done in the next few days!

One thought on “A New Year of Fibers!”

  1. Beautiful socks! I hope mine will be as nice some day. Today as I was just about to begin the toe of a second sock, I cranked too many rows. I didn't want to have to redo it! So I figured I could undo back to where I should be and it worked. Evelyn

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