The Blur Called December

It’s late afternoon, snow is falling, New Year’s Eve is a few hours away, and I sit here wondering how December went by so quickly. Yet when looking back at photos, I can see where it sent.

I worked a couple days at Artistree Gallery, which had been dressed Northwoods Style for the holidays. Lots of wonderful art including fiber arts. I sat, Christmas music on, knitting a scarf and watching a number of cars go up the street with a Christmas tree tied to the roof, a most pleasant, homey sight.

On December 5th, Emilie and Anna were over to learn about wet-felting wool. They wanted to make some felted items to give as Christmas gifts. I sent them home with bags dyed wool and my drum carder to continue felting at home.

I did a lot of sock-cranking in December, right up until a couple days before Christmas as quite a number of people ordered socks to give as Christmas gifts.

I still have four pairs of socks to crank, socks not needed by Christmas. Now, with the New Year, it’s time to restock Artistree Gallery with socks and weaving, and begin cranking again for next summer’s art shows.

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