A Day Made for Spinning

It was so beautiful in the WI Northwoods today I just had to take my spinning wheel, chair, and basket of roving out onto the lakeside porch, this afternoon, and sit and spin. With only the peaceful sounds of nature, the breeze blowing through the pines, birds, crickets, a pileated woodpecker flitting around the nearby trees, and manmade sounds, my windchime and the whir of my spinning wheel, it was a pleasure to spin more of the Coopworth roving I brought home two years ago from the WI Sheep & Wool Festival.

The Coopworth roving is spinning up beautifully, and I’m wishing I’d brought more home this year. I plan to make this 2-ply for some winter knitting.

When I look up, this is the view of our little lake, with a bit of autumn color in the trees across the way.

Meanwhile, back at the woodshed, I heard a crash the night before I left for southern WI. As I drove out I found “someone” had been in the woodshed, and knocked over a good portion of the front row of split wood! Weasel? Raccoon? No clue, just hope it doesn’t happen again. Tomorrow? I’ll be stacking wood before splitting anymore.

4 thoughts on “A Day Made for Spinning”

  1. I truly enjoying seeing photos of your work and surroundings. I moved to Madison from a similar setting in MI and sometimes miss the serenity that it afforded. I enjoy being here, too, though. ūüôā

  2. These really are spinning days, as the sky is clear and the sun hangs low in the sky.RE: woodpile….weasels? racoons?…a mess that size could be a bear!

  3. I had planned to sit out on the porch again today to spin, and to crank socks, but it clouded up this afternoon and felt a bit like rain so thought it better to get out and re-stack the wood first.No idea what knocked it over, I think if it was a bear it would have been a bit more random. Possibly one critter after another and pushed off enough to know the "wall" over.I love the peacefulness of the woods and lake, but my days here may be coming to an end, so I'm enjoying every bit of it while I can.

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