Autumn Is In the Air

After splitting more wood today, until arms, elbows, and hands were sore from setting rather large diameter sections of cut wood onto the splitter, and it was getting a bit hot under the early afternoon sun, it was time to go inside where it was cooler. Time to crank more socks.

I tried what I think is a new color combination and think it’s rather nice. Two pairs were made with these colors, Medium and Large. Another pair in darker fall colors were also made and are in my “closing bag,” where I keep socks needing toes closed, needles, and scissors.

The sun is setting in the west, and there is still some nice light, a good time to choose a couple more sock color combinations to crank this evening. The colors of these mums are perfection, and I have yarns to match. Autumn is in the air!

And while there is still some natural light by the front of the drawloom, I’m going to thread more of the 15 dent drawloom reed. The warp is 64 epi so the reed is being sleyed 4 threads per dent, and every fourth dent has five threads. After more of the reed is sleyed, it’s back to the sock machine, and later on I’ll be closing toes. Pics of the finished socks should be up in two or three days.

4 thoughts on “Autumn Is In the Air”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the fall mum colors of you socks!!! These are super Jan and sure to scurry off as soon as they are up for sale. You know fall is my favorite season!!!

  2. I love taking walks in autumn, seeing the trees change color, all the changes happening before the coming winter. And love Mums on my step each fall. All of a sudden today, thinking about the next socks, I realized I might have yarns those same colors, and they matched just about perfectly.I did not dye these, they were purchased from Pat Fly, are commercial yarns, and from what I under- stand, no longer available. I'm searching for replacement yarns. I do want to learn to dye sock yarns in a way that is colorfast. Also on my list of Things to Learn!

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