A Change of Pace

Yesterday, I took the day off,… no weaving, no cranking, a fair amount of sleep as I was still quite tired from the weekend. Last night, with no toes to close, I picked up knitting needles and handspun yarn, and decided to knit a cushion cover. With only a 1 1/2″ sketch as a guide, it was entirely freeform designing, albeit very simple. I just wondered if I could do it and come up with something even remotely acceptable.

The yarn is a thick ‘n thin slubby handspun I spun perhaps a couple years ago, shades of gray with small areas going from cream to dark brown. The skeins range from light grey, to medium, and a couple a bit darker. I had originally planned to knit mittens, the kind where you knit pieces of fleece in for additional warmth. But, the idea for a cushion top would not be pushed away. I’m using the medium tones, and plan to combine the light and dark in another cushion, although I expect the difference to be rather subtle. I have about 2″ or so left to knit later this evening, and need to think about the back. Another freeform knitting design? Or just plain stockinette? We’ll see.

The reed I requested Sunday evening arrived in the mail today, and I’ll be opening it up in just a bit and getting the new 15 dent reed sleyed and the warp tied on. Then upstairs to finish knitting the pillow top. Oh yes, there will be a 3 pair sock wash yet this evening, too. Must get them drying on the wood rack. How quickly they will dry I don’t know, as it is only 60 degrees here (outside) at the moment with breeze and rain showers. Where is our July weather?

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