Pattern Heddles are Done!

It is 3 AM, early Monday morning, and I just finished threading the pattern heddles on the drawloom, refusing to go to bed until they were done.

Today, after I get a few hours of sleep, I need to tie the drawcord warp ends to the tops of the pattern heddles, add the lamms and treadles (and Texsolv cords), tie up the treadles, and hopefully thread the ground shafts in an 8 shaft satin, or at least get started. The counterweights also need to be added to the loom. After all that is done, it will be time to tweak things to make sure warp is running where it is supposed to, and get a decent shed. I expect all this will take the better part of two days or more, depending on interruptions.

I have so much weaving and sock cranking to be done, and need balance back in my life, but I can’t seem to stop working on this drawloom.

2 thoughts on “Pattern Heddles are Done!”

  1. I'm secretly glad that the drawloom has captured your attention. I'm very excited to see it in operation. I don't feel like I really understand how one works… I'm hoping as it comes together on your blog it will also come together in my brain! Thanks so much for telling us about it!!Up until 3 a.m.!! That's dedication! (Or something!)Sue

  2. It's no secret the drawloom has my interest, I fell in love with one 25 or so years ago. After putting family first for many years, I'm now able to pursue my interests more and more. The time has come for the drawloom. I'm hoping this becomes clearer as I go along, sorry for any confusion, but until I'm weaving on it and able to share those photos, I can only try to describe what the purpose or function is of various parts or processes.All I know is, I'm having a wonderful time!

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