Wool Socks for Summer?

This morning was four hours or so of cranking socks, making two pairs and the mate to another that was knit last night. They are wool and wool/nylon blend two-ply yarns, using three strands, one each of three colors. I am now building up a supply of socks to place at one or two galleries, as well as open studio days, the art tour, and one or two art shows.

Those along with another pair knit yesterday gives me four pairs waiting to have the toes closed. I’m on my way upstairs now to work on them. While removing the scrap yarn from the top of one sock, I found a loop/knot, so I do need to knit a replacement in the morning.

While cranking socks last night, I left the outdoor light on so I could watch the mix of snow and rain that was coming down. This morning I woke to a winter wonderland and the snow has continued all day. The area weatherman, this morning, was predicting another 6-10″ by tomorrow morning. This is likely our last big snow of the season and the northwoods needs it badly as it has been so dry here. So, while knitting socks or out driving, I’ve been enjoying the beauty around me.

2 thoughts on “Wool Socks for Summer?”

  1. That’s a lot of socks!!! A knitting machine is much quicker than I am!!Wow – you’ve got serious snow on the way. Surprisingly, we haven’t had any snow fall since March 2 – which is unusual. I think we’re past snow danger now finally.We’d had some dry weather and small brushfires which is unusual here (in NH), but today we’re getting a lot of rain….at least it’s not snow!Sue

  2. I believe we are going to hit 12″ of snow (or a bit more) by mid-morning, it’s still coming down.School was cancelled because of road conditions, but Nicolet never closes so still had to drive my oldest daughter to town for her car pool. Coming back home, I was nearly sucked into the ditch, then was momentarily stuck (a couple times) at the top of my driveway. My all wheel drive is wonderful but even it can only do so much! Wouldn’t you know, son has dentist appointment AND orthodontist appointments today so still need to do two more trips to town. In-between though, it’s closing two more pairs of socks (toes), weaving, and I’m hoping to sley the first reed, didn’t get to it yesterday.

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