Studio Reorganization in Progress

My weaving studio (formerly our living room) is being reorganized. Today, after moving the piano over to the hallway, we moved the two Glimakra looms which now face the west wall (and windows). I am not entirely happy with that, thinking of summer sun, both in my eyes and on the warp. However, it will make warping back to front easier. We added the vintage Gallinger rug loom in front of the big window where the CM was sitting, and the 22″ 8 shaft Harrisville near my desk and bookshelves. The two shelf units are now where I originally envisioned them, in a corner out of sunlight.

Tomorrow we will add another table to the laundry room, which is within sight of the studio space, and then it will also be my cutting/sewing/pressing area. Once the piano is sold (I hope!) the dry sink can be moved back to its spot, and a third table or the warping mill and cone/spool rack(s) will be out there, too.

Next is cleaning up my desk area, in the studio, and moving a two drawer file cabinet next to the desk to hold the color printer. My weaving reference library also needs reorganizing, after months of pulling books off the shelves. VAV, PWC & Weavers, and Complex Weavers Journals are in the studio, and I’m hoping there will be room for more weaving periodicals. However, I’m getting quite a collection of notebooks full of weaving materials, so will see what takes priority.

I’m quite pleased tonight with the loom arrangement, but lighting continues to be an issue. Log homes are dim inside even on bright days. I’ll continue to use my Ott floor lamp for now, but hope to add track lighting when I am able to.

Now, I need to try the room out and see if it works better than it was. The photo above gives an idea, and hope to have another couple pics in the next day or so.

Why have I not been weaving the last one to two days? A bit of carpal tunnel came back to haunt me again, and I’m giving hands and wrists a bit of a rest. Of course moving all this isn’t much of a rest, but it’s not the repetitive motions in weaving and cranking either, and this way something needing to be done was still accomplished. Now, I need to find a cord for my lamp…

3 thoughts on “Studio Reorganization in Progress”

  1. Wow – that’s serious re-organizing!I, too, have a piano that I’m thinking of selling to make way for looms. Sorry about the carpal tunnel! Good to rest it before it really takes hold.It’s great to see your looms side by side like that!Sue

  2. Yes, I hate to see the piano go, but I need serious space for these looms. I’m still tweaking the room but am enjoying this setup. I’m afraid there will still be one or two smaller looms upstairs along with a spinning wheel. We’re enjoying a touch of spring here today, breezy and 52 degrees.

  3. Jan, it was great to read your blog. You are so discriptive, I can locate in my mind’s eye just where you have placed everything. Are you still spreading peanut butter out on the railing to feed the winter birds?

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