Coordinating Towels

At last, a twill towel, now part of a nicely coordinated set. A the moment, I am tieing the warp back on to begin another towel, and debating between plain weave with a border, twill, or a white cotton slub weft. All will be woven shortly, and today I’m feeling like I want this warp finished so I can move on to another.

In researching information for the drawloom, I’ve been paging through back issues of VAV and am drawn over and over to drall towels so starting now to make notes of sett, cotton and linen sizes, and thinking about colors.

Progress has temporarily slowed on the drawloom. I have ordered two colors of 12/6 cotton for the drawcord warp, and have reached a problem with the reeds, primarily the difference in size, width, and thickness of the new reeds compared to older ones. In particular the reed for that hangs over the pattern heddles needs to be narrower in width, and the outer long edges need to be flatter to fit into the reed holders. I will be talking to two reed companies in just a bit to see if what I need can be made.

Meanwhile, I have been researching drawloom weaving projects, looking primarily at size of thread (cotton) and sett, and that must be ordered now, too.

I am also working on the CW Double Harness Study Group newsletter and updated mailing list. Life has provided quite a number of interruptions the past few days, so completing items on my Task List has been a challenge. Some are now done, some (research) are hard to photograph, and thankfully, things are moving along again.

2 thoughts on “Coordinating Towels”

  1. Janice,I’m just warping a table loom for a twill sampler, so I’m thinking twill. And I’m relieved every time I see a twill that I like – like your latest addition to your set of towels! (I’m prejudiced against twill, but trying to reform!!)I look forward to your adventures with the draw loom. One thought about reeds….I’ve heard that Gowdey Reed in Rhode Island will make reeds to your specifications. When I contacted them about reeds for my Toika, I was in standard sizes, and their prices were about what I’d pay for those same reeds at any of the weaving suppliers.Other than finding out prices, I haven’t dealt with them – but I bought my loom from some one who had. From my research on them, it seems like they’d be able to make anything you’d need reed-wise. Good luck!!!Of course, or would probably both be good options. But you might already know all of this!I’m super chatty tonight I think!Good luck!!Sue

  2. Hi Sue, have fun with your twill sampler, I’ll look in on your blog to see it. I used floating selvedges on this towel yet still wasn’t totally pleased so will try again. I ordered a special size reed from Gowdey Reed Company once, for a vintage Gallinger rug loom that needed a taller than usual reed. I did call them this afternoon, but Jim Wilson had left. I’ll speak with him in the morning and see if they can do this one. I was very pleased with the reed from them.

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