Drawloom Progress

I should be weaving, I know I should be weaving, but some days I am absolutely driven to make progress on setting up the drawloom, and that’s what I’ve been working on again. Not long ago I had made 1,000 string (seine twine) long-eye heddles to add the 1,000 already on the loom.

A couple days ago I decided I needed to get back to making the pattern heddles. I previously had around 125 of them made, and in the last 48 hours I’ve made another 275 for a total of 400, 100 on each of the four pattern shaft bars. These will hold (if all are used) 2,400 threads, or 3,200 if I use all the holes in the maillons. More pattern heddles can be made if needed.

Tonight, I went back to making long-eye heddles again, this time for the opphampta attachment that is waiting to be added to the countermarche loom sometime this year. There were no heddles included when I bought it, used, and I decided again to make my own heddles. The long-eye heddles will then be able to be used on either loom as needed. When these are done, I’ll begin on the pattern heddles for the opphampta weaving.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking some old cords off the drawloom, to check on the condition of the long Texsolv cords that go from jacks down through ground shafts and to the lamms. Also, the cords that hang off the sides for the counterweights. As the loom is around 23 years old, some of the cords feel stiff and old, and I want to replace them next.

It’s also time to order something for the new drawcord warp. I need to remove the old, and take photos of how it is on there. There are also books like “Opphampta and Damask” by Lillemor Johansson to refer to, as well as advice from a few members of the CW Double Harness Study Group who also have single unit drawlooms. The adventure continues…

2 thoughts on “Drawloom Progress”

  1. Not to be your drawloom enabler here, but I’m glad that you’re working on it!!! I eagerly await learning more about it through your experience.I recently had a good experience washing Texsolv. The Texsolv on my loom is 15-18 years old, and it was dirty, stiff, ugly, ratty….but I washed it in the washing machine and it looks great now. I might replace parts of it….but not all of it!Good to see drawloom progress again!!Sue

  2. Go ahead and enable me! There are just not enough hours in most days. I need to weave and crank socks for summer and fall, but also need to get the single unit drawloom up and be weaving on it, then add the opphampta attachment on the CM loom and get that set up for weaving. Perhaps if I give up sleep? Good to see there is some interest in the drawloom entries on this blog. Complex Weavers has a Double Harness Study Group; I am the chairperson if you are interested.

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