Simple Towels

Today was again spent at my loom weaving another towel, this time “plaid,” following the simple stripe pattern in the warp. I’m enjoying weaving each one up differently and looking forward to group photos of the towels to show the variety. Although they are plain weave or twill, a nice variety of looks can be achieved.

Six more tubes of natural/unbleached cottolin arrived today so those, along with the several tubes of bleached I already have, will keep me in weft for awhile yet. Also in the package were two more tubes of seine twine so I can go back to making heddles whenever I am ready.

4 thoughts on “Simple Towels”

  1. Thanks, Peg. I do like a clean, simple look to my weaving, even when weaving with more complex structures/more shafts. I needed an artist statement for an art tour I will be participating in this summer, but have found it also helped me define the kind of weaving I enjoy doing most and helps keep me focused on that. It’s so easy to be “all over the map,” trying everything that catches our eye. Right now, focus is important to my work. ~Jan

  2. Exactly, Peg, focus allows for in-depth study and exploration within limits, difficult to achieve if we are trying everything that crosses our path. I am not limited to one structure, at present, but working to achieve a simple, elegant, clean line look, even with structures using more shafts, or looms with more capabilities. Weaving is wonderful in that we can each choose our own path to follow. ~Jan

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